Florida Dept. of Education
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Paul holds forth
Phil holds forth
No need for a caption
Building a tetrahedron
From model to full scale
An evaluation report, Schoolworks style
The plan
Materials and tools
Bye Bye

I don't remember how or why a bunch of scruffy, inexperienced Yankees from up north were invited to Tallahassee to show administrators from the Florida Dept. of Education how to create inexpensive, innovative classroom environments. But as these pictures clearly illustrate, the mismatch between teachers and students proves Woody Allen's contention that 90% of life is showing up.

There is no doubt that we were learning more than they were as they patiently marked out floor plans with masking tape, built models of carpet tube play structures and built a real one with garbage imported from New York while listening to Phil expound on Eric Erikson's theories of child development.

I salute those conscientious bureaucrats for their tolerance and openness and, if you're still out there, I am really curious about what you did with the information we left behind.