More Kids' Rooms
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A teenage boy's hangout in an 8'x12' maid's room
Platform hides skis and other sports stuff
A private space for a boy sharing a room with his infant sister
The sister's side has room for a crib and changing table but also accommodates a sleeping loft for when she gets older.
A large room divided for a child and her nanny
Fold-up table saves floor space.
Dresser drawers act as desk and seats in a tiny maid's room
This kid lives in the model train room.
Windows and doors force the loft bed into the middle.
Hiding the train set in a platform

In a city where most people live in apartments each family has different requirements; each room has unique physical constraints. Here are some more examples of children's rooms. Some have to accommodate two or more kids, some just one in a tiny former maid's room. One bedroom even had to be divided between a child and her nanny, each with very different needs.