Playground in a Tight Courtyard
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Courtyard play space
Intimate spaces between the play structures provide lots of opportunity for imaginative sand play.
Bridges, tunnels and slide
Tots use climbing wall to get to the upper level.
Bird's eye view
Small, intimate places for play and hanging out

The Rodeph Sholom School surely demonstrated its commitment to children by installing a fourth play space in its educational complex. A small, dark courtyard between the school and the sanctuary was turned into a densely packed play yard that could accommodate lots of kids doing a variety of fun activities.

They could crawl up a small climbing wall to get to one of many bridges that turned the space into a 3D play circuit. The entire structure stood on stilts over a bed of deep sand providing a variety of small spaces for imaginative sand play. Every nook and cranny of the oddly shaped site was used including a basketball court for tots and a play house area for building with large blocks.

The space is used all year round for school, day camp and child care during services.