Union Theological Day Care Playground
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Bird's eye view of down-sized play area
Parents building the 'sidewalk' fence structure
Moms as well as Dads helped build
Re-sized play area
Sand box as part of the fence
Play house and benches
Planter and trellis
Terry and Libby watch the first snow

This is another one of those designs based mostly on a solution to a problem with the physical condition of the site itself - a rooftop overlooking Grant's Tomb.

The problem here was that the tile floor of the very large play area was crumbling, due to freezing and thawing. Every day, the floor had to be swept of terracotta chips. Replacing the tile was costly and not an immediate option.

The temporary solution was to consolidate the play area within the limits of the available rubber safety surface and to create a wood fence, self-supported by a "sidewalk", that was unattached to the tile floor. Play structures and amenities were integrated into the fence and sidewalk border, including a sand box, benches and a planter with trellis - all built over four week-ends by parent volunteers and not quite finished in time for the first snowfall of the year.