Rodeph Sholom Elementary School Play Roof
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Structures against wall leave open space
Retractable stage and hang out
Hideout also supports basketball hoop
Kids playing stoop ball
Overhead grid with detachable gym accessories
Play structure

Children in grade school have different needs than preschool kids. They want open space for games and sports, places to hang out and socialize and physically more challenging equipment.

Placing the structures against the parapets leaves room for active play (making sure fences are raised to proper heights), provides corners and perches for watching and hanging out and support for basketball hoops.

A small, retractable stage for performance and ceremonies also serves as a sitting place.

A false tenement stoop is a good place to sit and chat but also adds the opportunity for playing stoop ball and playing other games that kids invent when they grow up on city streets.

A plywood climbing wall in a corner, combined with an overhead grid of wood beams that support ropes and rings, lets kids use their muscles in a challenging way without being "babyish".