Universal Day Care Center Playground
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Kids can climb out of the window onto a ramp that leads to the boat we found in a local marina scrap heap.
From the boat kids can crawl through a tunnel to a sand filled dinghy and climb over a rope bridge that leads to the tree house
Tree house
A winter sea voyage
Plan of backyard playscape

Sometimes we get to participate in a good story.

John Fisher grew up in his grandmother's house on the outskirts of Greenwich, went to Viet Nam and came home to find that his neighborhood had pitched in to fund his college education. He went off to school and when he returned he decided to thank his community by creating a day care center in the backyard of his boyhood house.

John built a pre-fab house for the educational program but he had something special in mind for the outdoor play area. As a kid, he had dreamed of two things; building a tree house in the 100 year old cherry tree in the backyard and owning a boat. He kindly let us help him make both dreams come true.

With neighborhood volunteers and day care center staff we built a mixed metaphor - a cabin cruiser that sails off into a cherry tree. I like my job.