Mount Tom Day Camp
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Sand area, play barn, and ramp for handicapped access
Tree house
Some 'historic' equipment was mixed in with the new.
A low wood border holds a deep bed of wood chips as the safety surface.
12 inches of wood chips keep potential Tarzans safe from falls out of the tree house

Operated by a former camper, this day camp and nursery school in suburban New York had steel pipe play equipment built on hard dirt that he used to play on 40 years back. Overcoming his nostalgia for fun and pain, he asked us to design this new stuff.

For old times sake we preserved his favorite toy, a space ship from the pre-Sputnik era of Flash Gordon. But the new playscape also fulfilled another childhood dream of his - a treehouse accessible to even the smallest kids at camp.

On the other end of the linear play structure we build a barn where kids could get out of the hot sun and hang out while playing with sand and water with climbing and sliding in between.