Pre-school lofts
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Multi-level loft: Basic Trust Nursery School
Max and his friends under the loft
Bloomingdale Family Center
Easter Island hand rails
A windowless storage room transformed into a tree house loft.
Carpeted ramp for toddlers unsure of the ladder and for toy car experiments on gravity.
Multi-level loft with 2 movable, plug-in lofts on wheels allows room to change like a kid's transformer.
Plug-in lofts move to other side of room to create cozy mini lofts and hideout.
Reading loft and hang-0ut spot in a wide school corridor
Kids can climb this carpeted block mountain which supports a loft on top and creates intricate places beneath.

A standard way of saving floor space in kindergartens and nursery schools is to build a second level but each classroom has unique spatial problems and ways of solving them. Location of doors and windows, ceiling height, floor area and lighting are some of the variables which will determine the design of your particular loft space. Prefabricated commercial lofts may be fine for some classrooms but intrusive and uni-dimensional for others. If all you want is more floor space, a simple platform, a railing and a way to get up is all that is needed. If you imagine the structure of the loft as a framework that supports other uses, such as tables, storage, cave hideouts, bird's nests, tree houses, a puppet stage or reading library, then you might consider a more complex or flexible arrangement.

Here are a few pictures of ways we've gone to the next level in day care centers, preschools and play spaces.