CUNY Graduate Center Early Childhood Center
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Climbing structure with lofts
Carpeted quiet corner with trundle and movable loft unit
Quiet play
Both rolling units parked in corner to make a house
Magnetic hoop

Day care is one of those places in which kids spend a really big chunk of time. Children of faculty and students at CUNY spend their days in two classrooms separated by a large common playroom. If you can make that room flexible enough to be a little different each day and teach the teachers and kids how to manipulate the parts, you can make the days a little richer.

A multi-level climbing structure by a window that looks out on the Empire State Building can transform a kid into King Kong scaling its wall or the pilot of the bi-plane zeroing in on him, not to mention the thousand other things kids can make up.

Two rolling play lofts, which come with a removable slide, can either be parked by the structure to make a more complex climber, nest in two separate corners that accommodate more quiet play or stand alone anywhere in the room to divide areas of activity.

In those corners, large trundle drawers pull out from under low carpeted platforms to reveal a sand box on one side and a toy car chest in the other.

My favorite features are the magnetic basketball hoops made from joint compound buckets that adhere to the steel classroom folding partitions. They can be moved up or down, depending on how tall King Kong is that day.