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The City Volunteer Corps grants college scholarships in exchange for a year of community based service.
Union Theological Day Care parents pitching in.
PTA volunteers building bridges
A castle being built by parents in a Sonoma schoolyard

Some projects from other categories also appear in this section because they were designed and built by members of a community with our help.

Community building was once the most common way of accomplishing big jobs - by pooling the labor of neighbors. Contrary to popular belief, the Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves but by the mandatory labor of farmers and tradespeople as a form of taxation. A more recent and less coersive example would be barn raising in rural America. This type of civic action is becoming a growing movement because there is a deep desire on the part of citizens to be able to improve their communities by working together for a common goal and, in the case of playgrounds, to instill civic pride in creating safe, creative places for the next generation.

Schoolworks has not generally organized the large scale and amazing playgrounds built in 5 days by hundreds of participants. (You can read about these in the Community Built Association web site found in "Links".) Rather, Some of the projects in this section were designed as ways to create jobs and train both temporarily unemployed members of the community or young people looking for a direction, sometimes even with people doing community service work after a scrape with the law. Many were built by parents or staff of schools trying to save money and create bonds of community. I even consider the artwork and gardening that children do in their school play areas as an important form of community built activity as they learn to work together to leave something behind for the children of the future.

For more information on community building and links to many artists, playground builders and other interesting folks, go to which is listed in the LINKS tab above.