Who we are
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Sam Kornhauser in PlaySpace
Gary Faro at Wassaic Developmental Center
Joe Iuviene testing a tire hammock
Phil Winter showing a nut who's boss


Sam was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1947 and grew up in Pittsburgh learning how to be a child, which he got very good at. He 'earned' a Bachelor of Architecture at City College of New York and continued his career as a child by starting Schoolworks with fellow students in 1971. Aside from a student apprenticeship with Paolo Soleri, 2 months surveying logging roads for the U.S. Forest Service and 3 months planning office space at NBC, designing and building environments for kids as Schoolworks is the only job he has ever had.


Gary got his early childhood education on the rooftops and vacant lots of an Italian neighborhood in the Bronx called Arthur Avenue. His major was in street smarts and he applied this knowledge to developing a personal rapport with our clientelle (kids) that led to wonderful results as a principal designer for Schoolworks from it's beginnings at CCNY. He is now using the same common sense and instincts for the intricate geometries of some of our projects to a new way of thinking about numbers and their relationship to the physical world. He is also a builder and has designed and built many exhibits for UNICEF, Municipal Arts Society and other organizations.


When you grow up in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn in the fifties, you learn how to get things done - one way or another. Fuggedubowdit! As a member of the original WOIKS crew, he was the go-to guy for impossible missions ranging from obtaining 500 match boxes of a certain size on a Saturday evening at 6:00PM to making sure the stuff we built would not fall down. He is now principal of his own architectural practice in Chatham, NY - a long way from Brooklyn - and has a son, Nick, who grew up to be the designer of this web site.


Without Phil there would be no Schoolworks.

Other Schoolworks alumni include:

Paul Lundahl, Steve Ostrow and Bernie Stein