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An after-school study center for a Boys Club in the Bronx that never got built
A metaphor about turning classrooms into fruit stores, born as an architecture school thesis project - an idea never fully explored
Design for a YMCA preschool play room that would have showed off some lucky carpet layer's artistic talent.
This do-it yourself office partition system was designed as a product to be built and sold by a Boys Club teen after school training program.
Plan for a competition to design a Nature Study Center for Van Cortlandt Park in tbe Bronx which included a central classroom surrounding a park map and surrounded by 2 tiers of exhibits and activity areas.
A multi-level octagonal wood play structure surrounds a sand play area originally intended for a Harlem vest pocket park.

The title of this section suggests that there are things we haven't done yet. This is an obvious understatement, even if the list excludes things like; "sail to Bali with Penelope Cruz" or "learn to throat sing in Mongolia". No, this list will include some more down to earth fantasies and we are calling upon our readers to help realize them.

For instance; finding an opportunity to build a design that, for some reason, was never implemented but that we knew would have been really cool or would have advanced an idea that never got developed; or publishing something about any of the ideas already touched upon in this site for some publication out there we don't know about.

In other words, we're looking for the serendipitous connection that this technology is so good at sparking.