Recipe for a Natural Playground
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Imagine the magical place this makeshift ladder leads to
Sleeping Beauty's castle has nothing on this
Forts made from trash protect paint ball warriors
Tree house - if Ankgor Wat were inhabited by kids instead of monkeys
A familiar art form invades paradise
Tropical variation of basketball
A window even Antonio Gaudi couldn't imagine
From the window, kids can see the ocean beyond fields of sugarcane.


1 large crumbling ruin, preferably with structurally stable walls


800-1000 fruit seeds from nearby strangler fig trees, carried by birds or helped by humans

Place in isolated, tropical setting, within bicycle distance of a neighborhood (an abandoned Hawaiian sugar plantation in the middle of a cane field will do)

Wait 5-15 years

Serves hundreds of kids willing to test their abilities to climb, hide, build, create, paint, cook, explore and grow to their fullest potential without interference from adult authority. Certain to drive safety inspectors crazy, parents to drink and children to abandon their computers for a whole afternoon.

Lasts generations or until real estate values exceed the price of sugar.

Growing Places