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Dennis the Scientist
The inside way
The outside way
The ladderpillar, a safe but sometimes crowded way up to a preschool loft
Another product of the egg'speriment was a set of large scale environmental toys.

These photos represent one hour of "egg'sperimentation" with a new material for us at the time - the fibre drum. Four of these drums or cardboard barrels which had once been baking powder containers, were scrounged from a local bakery and wantonly sacrificed by marking, drilling and cutting them beyond recognition.

In spite of Dennis' optimism about "winding it up again", we all know that he can't. But if he was willing to risk a roll of perfectly good toilet paper in the cause of science, then we were more than happy to attempt to discover how to transform the drums from mere industrial containers into "eggs" which can support the growth of children and which they, in turn, can change or even break once they've outgrown them.


One result of our egg'speriment was the "ladderpillar", a response to fears we adults have about climbing to high places. Naikijdo first tried the inside way of getting up to the loft we built at the Children's Mansion Day Care Center. He quickly found that he was surrounded when he met up with a lot of other kids with the same idea of climbing up and down the tube. The ensuing traffic jam convinced him to seek out an alternate route. So he tried the outside way - a way we never thought of when we designed it.

Although some people like Col. Custer might disagree, it sometimes feels good to be surrounded. However, it is often more fun, exciting and expedient to do the surrounding. Just ask Naikijdo... or Sitting Bull.

Growing Places