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"Growing Places" was the name of a tabloid-style publication we put out four years after we started doing this work as a substitute for a conventional portfolio or resume. We called it a "used newspaper"; that is, it contained news that was not so new. It was neither a catalogue for buying things nor, primarily, a set of instructions for building them, although these were included at times. It contained stories of projects and experiences we'd had with kids, ideas we wanted to share, our history and hopefully, useful information about the "planting and care of places that grow, in which children can", all in a very personal style. In other words, we had invented a web site 15 years before its time. All we needed was a digital revolution to catch up with us.

So I felt it would be appropriate to transfer some of this stuff to the real web site, either verbatim or in a condensed version, plus one or two thoughts we've had since 1975. This will be the most dynamic part of the site and will change and grow periodically as an incentive for readers to come back for more "old news".

Growing Places